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TECS Capital is an Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) established under the Greek Law and based in Thessaloniki. It is a Seed investment structure targeting new Industry 4.0 venture opportunities and creating value by commercializing research. Members of the Management Team come from diversified backgrounds with proven track records and experience. Investors come from various industries and Lead investor is the Hellenic Development Bank for Investments (HDBI).

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TECS Capital is backing science and emerging technologies ventures in their very beginnings at the outermost edges of transformative growth. At Seed stage, trust and proximity are paramount. We look for founders with deep and credible insights within their focus area. Our collaboration with the founders, guarantees a quick reaction to technology challenges, opportunities and changing market conditions.

We focus on Deep Tech verticals and look for virtuous data cycles. A quantifiable objective that offers real value and a data set that gives a growing advantage. We also focus on Transformative Tech verticals and look for innovative business models and novel implementations of established technologies.


Artificial Intelligence

Big Data

Internet of Things



Software Quality/ AI |
Cyclopt, a spin-off from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, has developed a Software Quality Assessment Platform with Team Analytics and Project Management features. The product is based on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data analytics. The set of services provided through the platform are based on metrics that quantify both the production process and a number of code metrics. Read more



Foodtech/ IoT |
Oliveex provides Industrial IοΤ solutions mainly targeted at the fermented food and beverage industry. Oliveex’s all-in-one IIoT platform includes wireless and Plug-N-Play sensors that are 24/7 attached at different production stages, collecting data. The IoT platform provides real-time remote monitoring, digital traceability features and data analytics using deep learning algorithms. Read more



Blockchain/ NFT |
ComeTogether introduces a new form of digital ticket based on blockchain. Through our innovative ticket delivery via a dynamic QR code that changes every 30 seconds, tickets are always original and valid for event entry. NFTs enable event organizers to develop new revenue streams, increase fan engagement, expand geographic markets for events beyond their initial location, reward loyal fans and create an ongoing royalty revenue stream long after the event has taken place. Read more



Cleantech |
BIO2CHP is a spin-off of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, offering a flexible and small-scale waste-to-energy system that allows end users from the agro-food industry to turn their solid organic residues into green energy, increasing circularity, efficiency and revenues. BIO2CHP’s proprietary technology is feedstock-flexible and can valorize most waste biomass streams. Read more



Medtech |
Aipplex offers significant improvement of orthopedics products with the integration of biometric sensors. The company's designs are patient-centered, combining effectiveness with comfort. Aidplex makes use of innovative technologies in the orthopedic field, giving the opportunity for 24/7 monitoring capabilities. Read more



MoCap/ AI |
Moverse, a deep-tech startup, is pushing the boundaries of human performance digitization. By harnessing AI and using optical sensing technology, we provide a holistic solution for rich human data capturing giving complete control to the users. Our online and offline services are tailored to meet the diverse needs of various digital human use cases, while a range of features and configurations provide a truly unique and personalized experience. Read more



AgriTech/ Robotics |
Agroverse goal is to help farmers feed all people on Earth in a sustainable way without them getting tired anymore. Agroverse revolutionizes agriculture by introducing electric-powered robots offered to the farmers as a service. Read more



Industry 4.0 is used to describe the convergence of new technologies and automation in transforming the traditional value chain and driving a huge change in business performance.

Enabled by the concurrent development of disruptive technologies and the digital era, Industry 4.0 promises to radically transform organizations. Core drivers leading the future of industry are among others the demand for decentralization, connectivity, sustainability and security.

The 3 Horizons of Industry 4.0:

  • Process Optimization
  • Process Flow and Quality
  • New Business Models



Sotiris Siagas,


Sotiris is responsible for the overall business of TECS Capital focusing on value creation. ... For more than 20 years, Sotiris has been involved with deep and transformative tech from both sides of the table, as an entrepreneur and as an investor, with experience across a broad range of technology vectors. Sotiris is most interested in product development and business models and focuses on early stage funding working with lean startup teams. As the co-founder of a VC backed GIS startup, he was responsible for overseeing financials and operations. As the Executive VP of a Business Incubator pioneering in the Greek startup scene, he was responsible for overseeing the Incubator’s portfolio of companies. He has been involved in various projects in Greece and abroad dedicated to help grow innovation projects and startups. Sotiris holds a BSc with Diploma in Electrical and Computing Engineering from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, GR and an MBA from Imperial College Business School, UK. He has also served as Board Member of the Association of ICT Companies in Northern Greece (SEPVE). He is currently a high-level Jury member of the EIC Accelerator of the European Commission. He speaks Greek, English and French.
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Antonis Ilias,


Antonis is responsible for the portfolio strategy of TECS Capital focusing on growth. ... He is the coordinator of OK!Thess startup accelerator, responsible for the promotion of Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the city of Thessaloniki. Antonis is also member of the Board of Directors of DT&S Cisco Centre. Furthermore, he has closely worked with several startups providing support regarding to Business Strategy and Financial Planning. He is also an active researcher doing his PhD in the field of Entrepreneurial Finance in the University of Bath, UK, focusing on the impact of serial entrepreneurship on companies' valuation and long-run performance. Antonis holds a BEng and Diploma in Spatial Planning and Development from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece) and an MSc in Banking and Finance from the University of Sussex, UK.
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Theofilos Mylonas,


Theofilos is responsible for the product architecture of TECS Capital focusing on disruption. ... Theofilos has more than 25 years of experience with focus on product development, business operations, branding, software engineering. He founded Cardisoft, a leading software company with 500.000+ users and exceptional profitability. After his exit in 2012, he founded Exandia, a software house specializing in logistics and finance products. He has served as Chairman of Association of ICT Companies in Northern Greece (SEPVE), honorary board member of Greek International Business Association, advisory board of Thessaloniki Innovation Zone. Currently, he is Vice President of SEPVE and Board Member of Technical Chamber of Greece /RCM. As an innovator and leader, he is passionate about technology, entrepreneurship and global business. Theofilos holds an Electrical and Computer Engineer degree from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and an MSc in Information Technologies.
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